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attic the space in a house directly underneath the roof.
beneath underneath. [2/5 definitions]
carbuncle a painful localized abscess of the tissue underneath the skin. [1/2 definitions]
guillotine a device having a sharp blade that is dropped vertically between two guide posts in order to sever the head of the condemned person underneath. [1/2 definitions]
mortarboard a usu. square board with a handle underneath, for carrying and working with mortar. [1/2 definitions]
musk a strong-smelling secretion produced in a glandular sac underneath the skin of the male musk deer's abdomen. [1/3 definitions]
redingote a woman's full-length dress or coat, usu. belted and open in front to reveal a dress or petticoat underneath.
sheathing an outer layer or covering of boards, plywood, or other material applied to the frame of a house, underneath the outermost, weatherproof siding. [1/4 definitions]
steam table a table or counter for keeping food hot, that is fitted with a variety of containers for food and heated from underneath by hot water or steam.
studio couch an upholstered couch, usu. backless, that can be converted into a bed, often by sliding out a spring frame from underneath.
subjacent located or occurring below or underneath; underlying. [2 definitions]
threshold the sill underneath a door; doorway. [1/3 definitions]
underneath that which is underneath. [1/7 definitions]
underscore to draw a line or lines underneath (written text); underline. [1/3 definitions]
undershot projecting from underneath, as a lower jaw protruding beyond an upper jaw. [2/3 definitions]
upside down with the part that is normally underneath on top; inverted. [1/2 definitions]