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clarify to make more understandable; make clear. [1/3 definitions]
clarity the state or quality of being clearly understandable or precise. [1/2 definitions]
coherence the quality or condition or having a clear, logical structure or of being understandable. [1/2 definitions]
comprehensible understandable; intelligible.
explain to make clear in speech or writing; make plain or understandable by analysis or description. [1/5 definitions]
get across to make understandable; make or become clear.
illuminate to make clear or understandable; clarify; explain. [1/5 definitions]
incomprehensible not understandable or decipherable.
light1 something that clarifies or makes more visible or understandable. [1/13 definitions]
plain clearly perceivable or understandable; distinctly evident. [1/8 definitions]
popularize to make generally known, liked, or understandable.
ununderstandable combined form of understandable.