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after a fashion in a limited or unsatisfactory manner.
bad of low quality or desirability; unsatisfactory. [1/9 definitions]
bummer (slang) any unpleasant or unsatisfactory experience or thing.
clinker2 (informal) a total failure; unsatisfactory product. [1/2 definitions]
dog (slang) an unsatisfactory person or thing. [1/6 definitions]
f a grade given for failing or unsatisfactory academic work. [2/4 definitions]
lemon (informal) a defective or unsatisfactory thing of its kind; dud. [1/5 definitions]
maladjustment faulty or unsatisfactory adjustment. [1/2 definitions]
measly (informal) ridiculously inadequate or unsatisfactory; paltry. [1/2 definitions]
mishandle to deal with in an inefficient or unsatisfactory way; mismanage. [1/2 definitions]
rotten very unpleasant or unsatisfactory. [1/5 definitions]
spoil to ruin or detract from; make unusable or unsatisfactory. [1/5 definitions]
u a grade given for unsatisfactory academic work. [1/4 definitions]