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banana republic (informal) a small, often politically unstable Central American country with a one-crop economy that is controlled by foreign capital (used as a derogatory label).
carbonic acid a weak colorless unstable acid, present only in solution, formed by dissolving carbon dioxide in water.
crisis an unstable or uncertain situation that has potential to bring about dramatic, possibly destructive, changes. [1/2 definitions]
cyanamide a caustic, white, unstable compound prepared by the reaction of calcium cyanamide with sulfuric acid and used in chemical production.
fulminate one of several unstable explosive compounds, esp. the mercury salt of fulminic acid, used as a detonating powder. [1/4 definitions]
fulminic acid an unstable acid, the salts of which are used in explosives.
hydrogen peroxide an unstable compound of hydrogen and oxygen whose water solution is used mostly as an antiseptic or bleach.
hyposulfurous acid an unstable acid found only in solution or in the form of its salts, used as a bleaching and reducing agent.
insecure not firmly established or built; unstable. [1/3 definitions]
instability the state or quality of being unsteady or unstable; lack of stability.
instable unstable.
labile unstable, as chemical elements or compounds. [1/2 definitions]
lose one's balance to become unstable or fall.
muon an unstable subatomic particle with a positive or negative charge, having 207 times the mass of an electron.
nitrous acid an unstable, inorganic nitrogen compound that occurs only in solution or in its salts as nitrites.
perchloric acid a strong acid of hydrogen, chlorine, and oxygen that is unstable in some conditions, is a powerful oxidizing agent, and is used as a catalyst and in explosives.
permanganic acid an unstable acid that is a strong oxidizing agent in aqueous solutions.
precarious so unstable or insecure as to be dangerous; risky. [1/3 definitions]
psi particle an unstable meson that is thought to be composed of a quark and its antiparticle.
radioactive emitting energy or subatomic particles as a result of the decay of unstable isotopes. [2 definitions]
radioactivity the emission or amount of emission of energy or subatomic particles by the nuclei of certain unstable isotopes of elements as they decay.