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adamant unlikely to change in response to any request or argument; firmly decided or fixed; unyielding. [1/3 definitions]
adamantine firmly decided or fixed; unyielding; adamant. [1/2 definitions]
dour unyielding; obstinate. [1/3 definitions]
flinty hard and inflexible; stern; unyielding. [1/2 definitions]
harden to become unyielding or tough. [1/6 definitions]
hard-shell unyielding; rigid. [1/3 definitions]
hidebound unyielding in one's stance or opinion. [1/2 definitions]
immovable not subject to appeal or influence; unyielding. [1/5 definitions]
inexorable not subject to change by any force or influence; unyielding or unrelenting.
inflexible not subject to pressure or influence; stubborn or unyielding. [1/3 definitions]
insist to be firm and unyielding about something (often fol. by "on"). [1/4 definitions]
insistent firm in requesting, demanding, or asserting; unyielding. [1/3 definitions]
iron the quality of being hard, strong, unyielding, or the like. [2/16 definitions]
monolith something suggesting the qualities of a monolith, such as great size, absence of diversity, or an unyielding nature. [1/3 definitions]
monolithic large, unyielding, and without diversity. [1/2 definitions]
obdurate unpersuadable through logic, pity, or sentiment; unyielding. [1/2 definitions]
relentless without mercy or compassion; unyielding or stern. [1/2 definitions]
rigid incapable of change or compromise; unyielding. [1/4 definitions]
stiff-necked stubborn; obstinate; unyielding. [1/2 definitions]
strict imposing severe discipline or requiring rigorous effort; unyielding; demanding. [1/4 definitions]
uncompromising unwilling to compromise or make concessions; unyielding. [1/2 definitions]