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Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, the vain wife of Cepheus and mother of Andromeda. [1/2 definitions]
cockscomb a vain man who is exceptionally concerned with his dress and appearance; coxcomb. [1/3 definitions]
conceited having an exaggerated opinion of oneself; vain.
fop a man who is highly concerned with, and often vain about, his appearance and manners; dandy.
overweening particularly forward, vain, and self-promoting. [1/2 definitions]
pageantry vain showiness; overdone or meaningless display. [1/3 definitions]
peacock one who wears showy clothes or is vain about personal appearance. [1/3 definitions]
pipe dream a wishful fantasy or vain hope.
pomp showy or vain display; ostentation. [1/2 definitions]
popinjay a vain, frivolous, and talkative person.
prima donna a high-strung, vain, and temperamental person. [1/2 definitions]
strut1 to walk in a proud, vain, or cocky manner. [1/3 definitions]
stuck-up snobbish or vain; conceited.
vainglorious excessively proud or vain; filled with vainglory. [1/2 definitions]