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abutment an architectural component that supports an arch, vault, or the like, as of a bridge. [1/2 definitions]
crypt a burial chamber or underground vault, esp. one beneath a church.
extrados the outside curve of an arch or a vault. (Cf. intrados.)
ogive the diagonal rib of a Gothic vault. [1/3 definitions]
pole-vault to vault over a high crossbar with the aid of a pole; perform a pole vault.
safe-deposit of or designating secure storage for valuable items, as in a bank vault or lockbox; safety deposit.
sepulcher a sacred vault for burial; tomb. [2/3 definitions]
vault1 to construct in the shape of an arch or vault. [1/7 definitions]
vaulting1 the act or process of constructing a vault or vaults. [2 definitions]
voussoir in architecture, any of the wedge-shaped pieces of stone found in an arch or vault.