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bratwurst a highly seasoned pork and veal sausage.
fricandeau a veal loin that has been larded and braised or roasted.
gigot a leg of mutton, lamb, veal, or the like.
meatloaf a baked loaf of ground meats such as beef, pork, and veal mixed with egg, bread crumbs, and the like.
mock chicken pork, veal, or other meat that has been minced, molded, breaded, and braised to resemble a cooked chicken leg; city chicken.
mock turtle soup a clear soup made from calf's head or veal, and seasoned to taste like green turtle soup.
osso buco an Italian dish of veal shanks braised in white wine with vegetables and garlic.
paillard a piece of meat, usu. veal or chicken, that is pounded until thin and cooked on a very hot grill.
rack6 the rib or neck cut of lamb, veal, or the like.
saltimbocca an Italian dish consisting of slices of rolled ham or veal seasoned, usu. with sage, and sautéed in butter.
shashlik cubes of lamb or veal, marinated and broiled on a skewer, often with vegetables; shish kebab.
vealer a calf, esp. one raised to produce veal.
veal piccata sliced and breaded veal that is sautéed and served with a sauce of wine, lemon, and butter.
velouté a white sauce made with chicken or veal stock, thickened with butter and flour.
Wiener schnitzel a thick, breaded veal cutlet, sometimes served with a garnish such as a lemon slice or anchovy.