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barren (usu. pl.) flat or slightly sloping area of infertile soil and scrubby vegetation. [1/5 definitions]
bog an area of soft, wet earth and decayed vegetation; marsh. [1/2 definitions]
bolo a large machetelike knife used in the Philippines to cut through jungle vegetation.
brush2 the land covered by thickly growing vegetation. [1/2 definitions]
bushwhack to advance through a forest by cutting away low vegetation. [1/2 definitions]
fertile producing or able to produce abundant growth of farm crops or other vegetation. [1/4 definitions]
firebreak a piece of land that has been cleared of vegetation and other combustible objects in order to contain a fire. [1/2 definitions]
Halong Bay a body of water in the Gulf of Tonkin along the coast of northern Vietnam that is densely clustered with vegetation-covered, monolithic islands, many of which have caves.
herbage green, soft-stemmed vegetation, esp. as used for grazing. [1/2 definitions]
jungle land covered with very dense natural vegetation, esp. a tropical rain forest. [1/4 definitions]
niggerhead (outdated; considered offensive) a mounded clump of vegetation formed by roots and sedges, usually found in swamps and in the tundra; sedge hummock; tussock.
oasis an area of vegetation in the midst of a desert, fed by a spring or well. [1/2 definitions]
pasturage grass or other vegetation on which grazing animals feed. [1/3 definitions]
pasture grass or other vegetation on which grazing animals feed; pasturage. [1/5 definitions]
red spider any of various small red spiderlike mites that feed on vegetation.
slash-and-burn of or indicating a method of clearing land in which trees and vegetation are cut down and then burned.
sterile lacking or nearly devoid of vegetation; barren. [1/4 definitions]
verdant covered with vegetation. [1/2 definitions]
verdure an abundance of green, flourishing vegetation. [1/2 definitions]
wasteland land that is barren or unsuitable for vegetation. [1/2 definitions]
wrack2 seaweed, kelp, or other marine vegetation that has been washed ashore. [1/2 definitions]