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acid rain rain that has high acidity because of being mixed with pollutants such as vehicle exhausts and residues from burning of fossil fuels for energy or from chemical manufacturing.
aircraft any man-made vehicle that can fly through the air, such as an airplane, helicopter, glider, or balloon.
airflow a flow of air, esp. around a moving vehicle, missile, or the like.
ambulance a vehicle equipped to carry ill or injured people.
amphibian a vehicle that is capable of operating on both land and water. [1/4 definitions]
aquaplane of a vehicle or tire, to skid over water without the adequate traction for control. (Cf. hydroplane.) [1/3 definitions]
at the wheel driving or steering a vehicle such as an automobile, ship, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
ATV abbreviation of "all-terrain vehicle," a small motor vehicle, usu. with three or four wheels, that is designed for use on various types of terrain.
automobile a four-wheeled vehicle with a built-in, self-propelled motor requiring a driver and used on roads to carry people; passenger car.
axletree an axle upon which the wheels of a cart or animal-powered vehicle turn.
backfire to emit a loud noise as the result of inefficient functioning of the engine of a car or other internal-combustion vehicle. [2/4 definitions]
backhoe an excavating vehicle with a large metal bucket that is drawn toward the vehicle in a digging motion.
back seat a seat behind other seats or in the back, esp. of a vehicle.
bicycle a lightweight vehicle with two wheels one behind the other, handlebars for steering, pedals for locomotion, and a small saddlelike seat. (See cycle.) [1/2 definitions]
blinker a flashing light, esp. one used on a vehicle to indicate the direction of a turn, or one used as a traffic signal. [1/2 definitions]
boat a small, open vehicle for traveling on the surface of the water. [1/4 definitions]
bodywork the entire external part of a car or motor vehicle. [2/3 definitions]
brake1 a device for slowing or stopping the motion of a vehicle, wheel, or the like, esp. by friction. [2/5 definitions]
bright (pl.) the high beam of automotive vehicle headlights. (Cf. dim.) [1/7 definitions]
bus1 a large motor vehicle with many seats, usu. used for public transportation. [1/3 definitions]
cab1 the enclosed compartment of a heavy piece of machinery or vehicle where the driver or operator sits. [1/3 definitions]