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argument a heated discussion; verbal quarrel. [1/5 definitions]
assault a violent physical or verbal attack. [1/5 definitions]
blast an angry verbal attack. [1/12 definitions]
body language the shifts of posture, gestures, and facial expressions that communicate nonverbally, sometimes supplementing and sometimes diverging from or contradicting verbal communication.
caricature a depiction, in a drawing or verbal description, that deliberately exaggerates or distorts some features of the person or thing represented to produce a comic or grotesque appearance. [1/4 definitions]
counter3 to say in response as an opposing argument or verbal return of attack. [1/8 definitions]
denote to be a name or verbal symbol for; mean. [1/3 definitions]
denunciation a verbal attack or condemnation; the act of denouncing. [1/2 definitions]
describe to tell about; give a verbal account of. [1/2 definitions]
discourse verbal communication; conversation. [1/4 definitions]
finality something conclusive or decisive, such as an act or verbal expression. [1/2 definitions]
fireworks violent verbal exchanges, esp. between two people. [1/3 definitions]
fulmination a vehement denunciation or other verbal attack. [1/2 definitions]
hell a verbal beating. [1/6 definitions]
idiom a verbal expression that cannot be understood merely by knowing the individual meanings of its elements, as with the phrase "break down," meaning "to lose one's mental stability." [1/4 definitions]
jeu de mots play of words (French); a verbal witticism such as a pun.
nonverbal combined form of verbal.
participle in grammar, a verbal form that may serve as an adjective, as "broken" in "a broken doll"; a gerund, as "scaling" in "Scaling the wall was difficult"; a preposition, as "considering" in "Considering the odds, their victory was astonishing";and an element in verb phrases, as "coming" in "They are coming tomorrow".
Philippic (l.c.) a bitter denunciation or verbal attack. [1/2 definitions]
phraseology characteristic manner or style of verbal expression. [1/2 definitions]
portrait a verbal description of something, esp. a person. [1/2 definitions]