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activation code a set of characters, consisting of numbers, letters, characters, or a combination of these, that is sent by a website to a user's email so that the website can verify the user's email address and comply with the user's request to begin a new service or change personal information. Once received, the user enters the code into the provided box on the website so that fulfillment of the user's request can begin.
calibrate to assign, verify, or correct the graduated markings on (a quantitative measuring instrument such as a thermometer). [1/2 definitions]
check to look over in order to verify correctness; examine carefully. [1/19 definitions]
confirm to prove or verify; show to be true or correct. [1/4 definitions]
double-check to verify, as by checking twice; recheck. [2 definitions]
fact checker someone whose job it is to verify the accuracy of facts in a text before publication.
plumb a small weight tied to a line and used to establish the depth of water or to verify a vertical alignment. [1/10 definitions]
plummet a small weight on a line used for sounding or to verify a vertical; plumb or plumb bob. [1/2 definitions]
proof in mathematics, an operation to verify the correctness of a solution. [1/13 definitions]
reaffirm to verify by asserting again.
validate to prove valid or acceptable; verify. [1/2 definitions]
vouch to support or verify with documentation such as a receipt. [1/3 definitions]