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action-adventure a genre of films, video games, and the like having an exciting undertaking involving risk and danger as its main story line, and involving one or more heroes engaged in a series of physical challenges. [1/2 definitions]
action-packed of a film, video, story, or the like, filled with scenes depicting action, danger, and exciting events.
anime an animated film or video that, typically, is of Japanese origin, is richly illustrated, and employs magical characters and themes.
broadband of, pertaining to, or using a type of high-speed data transmission that allows signals at different frequencies, such as audio and video, to be transmitted simultaneously along a single wire. [1/2 definitions]
camcorder a portable video recording device that includes a camera and an audio recorder in one unit.
cassette a compact case for film, or audio or video tape, used to facilitate leading a camera or recorder.
codec a device or computer program that converts analogue audio and video signals into digital form for transmission purposes, and converts digital signals into analogue form after the transmission has been received.
computer-enhanced of, involving, or pertaining to the use of a computer to improve an image, video, design, or process.
digital storing, using, or transmitting information, such as that which makes up text, audio, or video, in the form of numerical digits. [1/5 definitions]
digital versatile disc an optical storage format for digital data, resembling a compact disc but with greater storage capacity; digital video disc; DVD.
digital video disc a movie or other video recording stored on such a disc. [1/2 definitions]
DVD abbreviation of "digital video disc" or, subsequently, "digital versatile disc."
footage a portion of movie or video film, such as one or several scenes, or all the frames pertaining to a single event. [1/2 definitions]
Nintenddo a multinational consumer electronics and video game company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.
pixel the smallest component of an image that can be transmitted or received in a video display system.
play to cause (a recording, recording device, or transmitting device) to produce sound or video for the purpose of listening or viewing. [1/22 definitions]
scroll to move (text) up, down, or sideways on a video display so that new material appears as previous material disappears. [1/4 definitions]
slow-motion of or pertaining to a method of making or playing films or video tapes in which the projected action is or appears to be slower than the original action. [1/2 definitions]
slow motion a video or photographic effect, used esp. in sports photography, in which the action is made to appear slower by filming it in more frames per second than usual or by filming at normal speed and replaying at a slower speed. [1/2 definitions]
sound bite a very brief statement taken from a video or audio tape for inclusion in a television newscast.
storyboard a large panel or board of drawings presenting a sequence of images as they will appear in a video presentation, film, or advertisement.