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action vigorous activity. [1/8 definitions]
aerobics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a system of physical conditioning involving sustained and vigorous exercise such as running, swimming, cycling, or dancing, that stimulates the heart and lungs and thereby improves the body's ability to utilize oxygen.
attack the vigorous beginning of an action. [1/8 definitions]
bloom to be in a healthy, vigorous condition. [1/8 definitions]
bouncing full of life; healthy; vigorous.
bouncy lively; energetic; vigorous. [1/2 definitions]
butterfly stroke a vigorous swimming stroke performed face down in which the arms are lifted simultaneously forward and brought back through the water while the legs move simultaneously up and down.
cancan a vigorous stage dance including high kicking, performed by women in long skirts and petticoats.
champ1 to make vigorous biting and chewing movements. [1/4 definitions]
Charleston a lively ballroom dance that uses vigorous kicks and arm movements, popular in the United States in the 1920s. [1/3 definitions]
churn to move with vigorous agitation. [1/6 definitions]
clamor a vigorous public outcry of dissent or dissatisfaction. [1/6 definitions]
come to life to become lively or vigorous. [1/3 definitions]
con brio with vigorous energy and spirit; vivaciously (used as a musical direction).
dynamism the quality of being dynamic, vigorous, energetic, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
elbow grease (informal) vigorous physical exertion, as in doing work.
energetic full of or displaying energy; active; vigorous. [1/2 definitions]
exert to force (oneself) into vigorous or strenuous effort. [1/2 definitions]
fit1 in good bodily condition; healthy and vigorous. [1/11 definitions]
flourish to grow and thrive; be healthy and vigorous. [1/10 definitions]
foam frothy sweat on the skin of a horse or other animal, or frothy saliva at the mouth, esp. after vigorous exercise or as a symptom of rabies. [1/6 definitions]