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call to make a visit. [2/22 definitions]
caller a person who makes a brief visit. [1/2 definitions]
call on (chiefly British) to make a short visit to. [1/4 definitions]
drop by to come for a casual and usually brief visit or errand, generally with little or no planning.
drop in to come for a casual visit, usually without arranging to in advance.
frequent to visit or spend time in (a place) regularly or often. [1/3 definitions]
look-in a brief stay or visit. [1/2 definitions]
Mecca (usu. l.c.) any place that many people visit or want to visit, or a goal that is sought by many. [1/2 definitions]
pay to make (a visit or call). [1/16 definitions]
pilgrim someone who undertakes a usu. long trip for a religious purpose, such as to visit a holy place. [1/3 definitions]
pilgrimage a usu. long trip undertaken for religious purposes, such as to visit a holy place. [2 definitions]
revisit to visit or go to again, esp. with the intent to examine something or to relive an important experience. [1/2 definitions]
see1 to visit for social or other purposes. [1/16 definitions]
shiva in Judaism, the seven-day mourning period during which friends can visit those who are bereaved by the death of a loved one.
slum to visit a slum or any place considered lower class, esp. for curiosity. [1/2 definitions]
stay1 a visit or temporary period of residence. [1/12 definitions]
stop to pause for a brief visit during a course or journey (often fol. by "at," "in," or "by"). [1/18 definitions]
table-hop (informal) to move from table to table to visit and talk at a party, nightclub, restaurant, or the like.
tour a brief guided visit. [1/6 definitions]
visit to make a visit. [1/9 definitions]
visitable combined form of visit.