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afterimage a sensory impression, usu. visual, that continues after the stimulus causing it has ceased.
art the field of visual works such as painting, drawing, and the like. [1/4 definitions]
artist one who works professionally in visual media such as drawing, painting, and photography. [1/3 definitions]
AV abbreviation of "audio-visual," having both sound and a picture, as does film.
barogram a visual record of atmospheric pressure over time, produced by a barograph.
biofeedback a method for self-regulation of presumably involuntary bodily functions, such as heartbeat rate, with the aid of electronic monitors that display visual representations of such functions.
collage a type of visual art work in which diverse and often seemingly incongruous materials, such as photographs, buttons, hair, and the like, are pasted upon a surface, often with added marks or writing.
composite a visual image, esp. a photograph, composed of several individual pictures. [1/5 definitions]
concrete poetry a form of poetry in which the arrangement of words and phrases on the printed page is intended to convey a visual as well as poetic image.
dazzling causing visual disturbance or confusion. [1/3 definitions]
decorative adding to visual attractiveness; ornamental.
effect (pl.) sounds or visual images that are used to produce an effect on a listener or spectator, especially those used in film, television, sound recording, and the like to create visual or auditory illusions or elicit a heightened experience. [1/8 definitions]
eyespot a primitive visual organ that is sensitive to light, found in many invertebrates. [1/2 definitions]
fine art (often pl.) art, esp. visual art, practiced and admired for its beauty or significance rather than its practicality or usefulness. [2/3 definitions]
flower a plant capable of producing blossoms, grown primarily for visual enjoyment. [1/6 definitions]
focus the state of maximum visual clarity and precision. [1/9 definitions]
foreshorten to distort, or shorten the lines of the long axis of (a visual image) in order to create the illusion of depth and perspective. [1/2 definitions]
graphic of or related to graphics or visual arts. [1/7 definitions]
graphic organizer a chart or other visual means of displaying relationships between pieces of information.
handwriting the visual characteristics of such writing of a particular person. [1/2 definitions]
heighten to cause the patterns or features of (something) to become clearer, as in a visual image such as a photograph. [1/5 definitions]