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chi2 vital energy that, according to Taoist and other Chinese philosophies, is inherent in all things and whose free and balanced flow around the body is the basis of good health.
Úlan vital in the philosophy of Henri Bergson, the vital force within living things that causes growth, the development of form, and evolution.
essential that which is vital or basic. [1/4 definitions]
feng shui the Chinese art of creating harmony in one's environment through placement of objects in a building or in space generally such that the natural flow and balance of chi, or vital energy, is maintained.
flesh wound a wound that does not damage vital organs or bones.
haruspex a minor priest and soothsayer in ancient Rome who foretold the future by inspecting the vital organs of sacrificial animals.
heartland a central land area, esp. one considered to be economically, politically, or militarily vital to a nation or region.
lend-lease the material aid, esp. weapons, tools, food, and services, supplied by the United States during World War II to its allies and to certain other countries whose defense was considered vital to U.S. national security.
lie detector an instrument that tracks a person's vital signs and records changes in them as a measure of the truthfulness of the subject's statements while being tested; polygraph.
life force see Úlan vital.
lifeline the only available route or means by which necessary or vital supplies can be transported. [1/5 definitions]
oversoul in transcendental philosophy, the supposed spiritual essence or vital force that animates and motivates all living things.
pantothenic acid an organic acid considered to be part of the vitamin B complex, present in most animal and plant tissues and vital for cell growth.
physiological of or relating to the vital processes or functions of a living organism or its parts.
physiology the vital processes or functions of a living organism or its parts. [1/2 definitions]
quick the essence or vital part of something. [1/10 definitions]
shock1 a failure of the circulatory system caused by serious injury or illness, characterized by depression of various vital signs. [1/8 definitions]
skeleton the remains of something that is no longer vital or alive. [1/4 definitions]
soul the central or vital part of something; essence. [1/8 definitions]
spirit the vital force that is thought to be an element of human beings; soul. [1/11 definitions]
vitalism the doctrine that a vital force radically different from all physical and chemical phenomena causes and sustains life.