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celibacy the state of being unmarried, esp. as the result of a religious vow. [1/2 definitions]
celibate an unmarried person, esp. one who has taken a religious vow not to marry. [2/4 definitions]
dispensation an exemption or release from some obligation or rule, granted by some authority, or the document making such a grant, esp. an exemption from a religious law or vow, granted by church authority. [1/3 definitions]
monastic one who makes a religious vow to live in austerity and seclusion. [1/3 definitions]
monk a man who has joined a religious order, having taken a vow to be sequestered from the world for a life of austerity and chastity.
pledge a formal or solemn promise; vow. [2/10 definitions]
swear to vow, declare, or affirm in the name of a deity or in the presence of a sacred object. [3/9 definitions]
take the pledge to vow to abstain from alcoholic beverages.
Trappist a Roman Catholic monk belonging to an austere branch of the Cistercian order that is committed to the vow of absolute silence.
virgin an unmarried woman, esp. one who has taken a vow of chastity for religious reasons. [1/6 definitions]
votary of, concerning, or made sacred by a vow. [1/3 definitions]
votive offered, expressed, or dedicated in order to fulfill a vow or pledge. [1/2 definitions]