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bandwagon a colorfully decorated wagon used to carry musicians at the head of a circus parade. [1/2 definitions]
caisson a two-wheeled wagon for transporting artillery shells. [1/2 definitions]
caravan a large covered, wheeled vehicle; wagon. [1/4 definitions]
chuck wagon in the western United States, a wagon or van used to carry food and utensils for feeding outdoor workers such as cowboys.
Conestoga wagon a large heavy covered wagon with broad wheels, used by early U.S. pioneers to haul their freight and household goods.
covered wagon a large wagon with a high arched canvas cover, used by American pioneers.
doubletree a crossbar on a wagon or coach that has a singletree at each end, used when two horses are to be harnessed abreast.
go-cart a small wagon for children to ride in, drive, or push. [1/4 definitions]
hayride a pleasure ride by a group of people in an open wagon that is partly filled with hay.
kingbolt a large, vertical, main bolt, used esp. for joining the front axle and wheels to the body of a wagon or other vehicle.
lorry a low, sideless wagon drawn by horses. [1/3 definitions]
microbus a small buslike van or station wagon.
outrider one who rides before a vehicle, wagon train, procession, or the like as a scout, guide, or escort. [1/2 definitions]
perch1 a pole that connects the front and rear axles of a carriage, wagon, or the like. [1/6 definitions]
prairie schooner a large covered wagon used by nineteenth-century pioneers to cross the American prairies.
rig a horse-drawn carriage or wagon; equipage. [1/10 definitions]
singletree a wooden bar that connects a wagon, plow, or the like to an animal's harness; whiffletree.
tail the rearmost part of an airplane, rocket, wagon, or the like, or the specialized structures attached there. [1/13 definitions]
tailgate a hinged panel or board at the rear of a truck, station wagon, or wagon that can be let down for loading or unloading. [1/2 definitions]
Thor in Scandinavian mythology, the god of thunder, who rides a wagon drawn by goats and is armed with a hammer.
trailer a wagon pulled by a motorized vehicle and used to transport freight. [1/3 definitions]