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abide to wait for. [1/6 definitions]
ambuscade to wait in ambush. [1/3 definitions]
at last after a long time or wait; finally.
await to wait for; look forward to. [2/3 definitions]
bide to wait. [1/2 definitions]
bide one's time to wait for an opportunity.
cabin boy a boy or man hired to wait on the officers and passengers aboard a ship.
cabstand a place, usu. designated by a municipality, where taxicabs line up and wait to be hired.
check out to pay for something in a store where there are a number of different lines to wait in in order to pay. [1/3 definitions]
finally after a long time or a long wait; at last. [1/3 definitions]
hang on to wait. [1/2 definitions]
hold on to wait. [1/2 definitions]
hold one's breath to wait with great anticipation.
hunker (informal) to hide and wait until an unfavorable circumstance or situation is over (usu. fol. by "down"). [1/2 definitions]
impatient unwilling to wait patiently or endure delay. [1/4 definitions]
listen to wait expectantly for a certain sound (fol. by "for"). [1/3 definitions]
look forward to to wait for eagerly.
lounge a room or area, as in a hotel, train station, or the like, where patrons can relax, wait, or smoke. [1/8 definitions]
lurk to be hidden, esp. so as to ambush; lie in wait. [1/3 definitions]
outwait to wait or be patient longer than (someone else).
patience the willingness or ability to wait calmly when faced with delay. [1/3 definitions]