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brave a North American Indian warrior. [1/6 definitions]
Goliath according to the Old Testament, the giant warrior, sent forth by the Philistine army, who was slain by David with a slingshot.
hector (cap.) in The Iliad, the greatest warrior among the Trojans, who is killed by Achilles. [1/4 definitions]
hotspur (cap.) in Henry IV by William Shakespeare, a fierce, impetuous warrior. [1/2 definitions]
knight in medieval times, a warrior on horseback, esp. one who had served an apprenticeship and followed a strict code of conduct. [1/5 definitions]
martial of, concerning, or indicating a warrior or the military profession. [1/2 definitions]
Mormon a prophet, warrior, and historian, claimed as the source of the writings translated by Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church. [1/3 definitions]
ninja a specially trained feudal Japanese warrior used as a spy, assassin, or saboteur.
pniese in Wampanoag language and culture, an elite warrior counselor.
samurai a warrior in the service of a Japanese feudal baron. [1/2 definitions]
spearman a warrior who is armed with, or a man who uses, a spear.
Troilus in The Iliad, a Trojan warrior, who also appears as the lover of a Trojan woman in medieval romances and Troilus and Cressida by William Shakespeare.