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careful cautious and watchful in one's actions. [1/3 definitions]
chariness the quality of being prudent or watchful. [1/2 definitions]
gimlet-eyed having a penetrating or watchful look.
have one's wits about one to stay alert and watchful.
jealous carefully watchful; vigilant. [1/5 definitions]
keep an eye out to be watchful or closely attentive.
keep one's wits about one to stay alert and watchful.
on the qui vive on the lookout; alert; watchful.
open-eyed carefully watchful; vigilant. [1/3 definitions]
vigilant keenly alert and attentive; watchful, esp. for danger.
warily in a cautious or watchful manner.
wariness the condition or quality of being cautious and watchful.
wary on watchful guard against threat, danger, or trickery; cautious. [2 definitions]
wide-awake alert or watchful. [1/2 definitions]