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Acapulco a port city on the Pacific coast of southern Mexico, known for its resorts and water sports.
acetamide a colorless water-soluble crystalline solid used esp. in forming organic compounds.
acid in chemistry, any of a group of substances that usu. dissolve in water, have a sour taste, and form salts in reaction with bases. (Cf. base.) [1/7 definitions]
afloat on the water; floating. [2/6 definitions]
aground on or onto ground, esp. under water. [2 definitions]
albumin any of a class of proteins soluble in water and coagulating in heat, found in egg white, blood, milk, and various plant and animal tissues.
alluvial of or pertaining to a flood plain or to sediment deposited by flowing water.
alluvium sand, soil, gravel, or the like deposited by moving water, as along a river bed. (Cf. eluvium.)
aluminum hydroxide a white, water-insoluble powder used as an antacid and to waterproof fabric and manufacture glass.
aluminum sulfate a white, water-soluble substance used to purify water, manufacture paper, and fix dyes.
ammonia ammonium hydroxide, the compound formed by dissolving ammonia gas in water. [1/2 definitions]
ammonium hydroxide a colorless basic solution produced by dissolving ammonia in water, used as a household cleaner and in the production of textiles, plastic, and the like. (See ammonia.)
ammonium sulfate a water-soluble salt, used mainly to purify water and as a fertilizer.
amphibian a vehicle that is capable of operating on both land and water. [2/4 definitions]
amphibious able to live both on land and in water. [2/3 definitions]
anchor a heavy device, connected by a cable to a boat or ship, that is dropped to the bottom of a body of water to restrict the vessel's motion. [1/7 definitions]
anhydride a chemical compound derived from another through the removal of water.
anhydrous without water.
antifreeze a substance that lowers the freezing point of a liquid such as water, esp. in an automobile radiator.
aqua water, or a watery solution. [1/2 definitions]
aquaculture the cultivation of water plants, fish, shellfish, and other aquatic animals in controlled freshwater or saltwater environments.