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accomplished well trained; skilled; expert. [1/3 definitions]
acquaintance a person one has met but does not know well. [1/3 definitions]
adequate good enough or well enough suited for the situation or need; satisfactory. [1/3 definitions]
advanced well beyond an early stage of development. [2/3 definitions]
all thumbs not well coordinated or dextrous, esp. in using the hands; clumsy.
also in addition; as well; too. [2/3 definitions]
altruism unselfish concern for the well-being of others. (Cf. egoism.)
altruist a person who feels unselfish concern for the well-being of others and acts upon this concern in some way.
and with; also; along with; as well as (used to connect words with identical grammatical functions). [1/3 definitions]
Apollonian (often l.c.) of a rational, serene, and well-ordered nature. (Cf. Dionysian.) [1/2 definitions]
aptitude test a test intended to measure the probable ability of an untrained person to perform well in a particular job or course of study.
artesian well a well dug through impermeable strata, reaching water that is under pressure.
article in grammar, the words "a," "an," and "the" as well as words equivalent to these in languages other than English, which are used with nouns and act to limit the nouns' applications. (See "definite article," "indefinite article.") [1/4 definitions]
a tough nut to crack a person who is hard to understand, know well, or convince. [1/2 definitions]
augur to be an omen; bode (usu. fol. by "ill" or "well"). [1/5 definitions]
autism a developmental disorder usually becoming detectable in very early childhood that is characterized especially by atypical acquisition or use of language as well as atypical patterns of social interaction.
badly in a poor or incorrect manner; not well; poorly. [1/4 definitions]
bang-up (informal) done very well; excellent.
bastion a fortified or well-protected position or area. [1/3 definitions]
benefit an object, service, or sum of money that enhances well-being; aid. [1/5 definitions]
best superlative of "well." [1/11 definitions]