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borderline not quite fitting into a well-defined category; doubtful. [1/2 definitions]
clean-cut having a neat, regular, well-defined shape or outline. [1/2 definitions]
clear-cut having a distinct, well-defined outline. [1/5 definitions]
community a well-defined area, such as a town or area of a town, where people live together under one government. [1/5 definitions]
imprecise not exact, accurate, or well-defined; not precise; vague.
specific a piece of information or a characteristic that is well-defined and precisely connected with a particular thing or person; detail; particular. [1/6 definitions]
trenchant well-defined; clear-cut. [1/3 definitions]
twilight zone any vague, uncertain, or ill-defined condition or state, esp. between two well-defined polarities. [1/3 definitions]