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Ahab the tragic hero of Herman Melville's nineteenth-century novel Moby Dick, who is ruled by an obsession to kill the white whale of the title. [1/2 definitions]
beluga a white, round-headed whale; beluga whale. [1/2 definitions]
blowhole a single nostril in the top of the head, through which a whale or similar animal breathes. [1/3 definitions]
blue whale the largest whale, as much as one hundred feet long, with a bluish gray back, yellow undersides, and grooves running lengthwise on the throat and abdomen.
cachalot a sperm whale.
cow1 the female of various other large animals such as the buffalo, elephant, and whale. [1/2 definitions]
cowfish a small dolphin, whale, or other ocean mammal. [1/2 definitions]
dugong a large herbivorous sea mammal found in the Indian Ocean that has flipperlike forelimbs and a tail resembling that of a whale.
fin to strike the water repeatedly with the fins, as does a dying whale. [1/8 definitions]
flense to strip (blubber or skin), or to strip (a whale or seal) of blubber or skin.
flipper a wide, flat limb such as on a whale, sea turtle, sea lion, or other aquatic animal, used esp. for swimming. [1/3 definitions]
grampus any of a number of other marine mammals, such as the killer whale. [1/2 definitions]
gray whale a medium-sized mostly gray or black whalebone whale of the North Pacific.
humpback a species of whale that has a humped back and long flippers. [1/3 definitions]
Jonah according to the Old Testament, a minor Hebrew prophet who disobeyed God and was punished by being swallowed by a great fish, or whale, until he agreed to carry out God's order. [1/2 definitions]
leviathan any marine animal of enormous size, such as the whale. [1/3 definitions]
minke whale a small, fast-moving whale having furrows on its light belly and throat and a dorsal fin.
Moby Dick the white whale in Herman Melville's mid-nineteenth-century novel of the same name.
orca see killer whale
razorback the rorqual or finback whale. [1/2 definitions]
rorqual any of a related group of whales, such as the blue whale, that have lengthwise grooves on the underside and a small, well-developed dorsal fin; finback.