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alcohol one of a class of colorless, flammable, and volatile liquids that in pure form is contained in beverages such as beer, wine, and whiskey, and causes intoxication when drunk to excess; ethanol. [1/3 definitions]
ampulla a round bottle with two handles, used by the ancient Romans for wine, oil, or perfume. [1/2 definitions]
aroma the characteristic odor of wine or spirits; bouquet. [1/3 definitions]
bacchanal one who worships the ancient Roman wine god Bacchus or takes part in a celebration held by his cult. [1/3 definitions]
Bacchanalia an ancient Roman festival celebrating Bacchus, the god of wine. [1/2 definitions]
Bacchus in Greek and Roman mythology, the god of wine and merrymaking; Dionysus.
beef bourguignon a dish consisting of braised cubes of beef in a red-wine sauce, often with mushrooms or other vegetables.
blush wine any of certain dry, slightly pink wines made from red-wine grapes.
bodega in Hispanic communities, a small grocery store, occasionally combined with a wine shop. [2 definitions]
Bordeaux (sometimes l.c.) any of various wines from the region around this city, or a similar wine produced elsewhere. [1/2 definitions]
bordelaise sauce (sometimes cap.) a dark sauce for meat, made of stock, flour, wine, onions, and seasoning.
bourride (French) a stew from the south of France made with fish, vegetables, and white wine, flavored and thickened with mayonnaise containing crushed garlic, and served over bread.
brandy a strong alcoholic beverage made by distilling fermented fruit juice or wine. [1/2 definitions]
butt4 a unit of capacity equal to 126 gallons or about 477 liters, used for measuring beer or wine, or a barrel or cask with this capacity.
cabernet a type of dry, full-bodied red wine made in California.
cacciatore cooked in a covered pot with olive oil, tomato paste, onions, wine, herbs, and other ingredients.
carafe a bottle, often flared at the mouth, for serving water, wine, and the like.
cask a large, strong barrel used esp. for storing wine, sherry, and similar alcoholic beverages. [1/3 definitions]
Catawba a light red grape cultivated in the eastern United States, or the dry white wine made from it. [1/3 definitions]
caudle a warm drink made esp. for the sick, usu. containing wine or ale, bread, sugar, eggs, and spices.
cave an underground storage chamber, esp. a wine cellar. [1/4 definitions]