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aileron a movable flap on the rear edge of an airplane's wing, used to control rolling and banking.
airfoil any aircraft part or surface, such as a wing or rudder, designed to utilize aircurrents to aid in propelling, lifting, and controlling movement.
ala a wing or winglike part or structure on a living organism.
alar like a wing in shape or function. [1/2 definitions]
aliform shaped like a wing.
axilla an armpit or a corresponding part, such as the area under a bird's wing. [1/2 definitions]
axillar (usu. pl.) any of the feathers that grow under a bird's wing. [1/2 definitions]
axillary (usu. pl.) any of the feathers that grow under a bird's wing; axillar. [1/3 definitions]
batwing resembling the wing or wings of a bat.
brachial of, like, or belonging to a vertebrate's arm, wing, foreleg, or other similar forelimb.
brachium the part of the arm that reaches from the shoulder to the elbow, or a similar part of an appendage such as a wing or flipper. [1/2 definitions]
cedar waxwing a brownish North American bird that has a crested head and red wing tips.
communist as a derogatory label, esp. in capitalist countries, one who practices or believes in socialist or left-wing ideas. [1/4 definitions]
complicate in biology, folded lengthwise several times, as an insect wing or a leaf. [1/3 definitions]
delta wing the triangular wing of certain usu. supersonic aircraft, which provides not only lift but also horizontal stabilization.
ell an extension or wing of a building, usu. at right angles to the main structure. [1/2 definitions]
Falange (l.c.) any similar right-wing extremist group, as in Europe or the Middle East. [1/2 definitions]
flight feather any of the larger, stronger feathers in the wing or tail of a bird that are crucial for its flight.
flip1 to move in a sudden or jerky manner, as with a flipper, wing, or the like. [1/9 definitions]
flutter to fly with light, swift wing movements or to move the wings lightly and swiftly up and down in flight, as a bird. [1/9 definitions]
forewing either of the forward wings of an insect having four wings; anterior wing.