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acorn squash a variety of winter squash with a ridged acorn shape and dark green skin.
arctic fox a fox of arctic regions, whose fur is blue-gray or brownish gray in summer and white or light gray in winter.
Auriga a winter constellation in the northern sky, located between Perseus and Gemini and containing the bright triple star Capella and several star clusters; Charioteer.
autumn the season of the year between summer and winter, in the northern hemisphere continuing from the September equinox to the December solstice; fall.
Baldwin a moderately tangy winter apple grown in the northeastern United States.
boilerplate in winter sports, snow having a hard, icy crust. [1/5 definitions]
butternut squash a yellow, bell-shaped winter squash.
cabin fever anxiety caused by being confined to a small space or isolated from other people for a length of time, as during winter.
Canis Major a winter constellation in the northern sky, located below Monoceros and containing the brightest of all stars, Sirius; Big Dog.
Canis Minor a winter constellation in the northern sky, located between Monoceros and Gemini and containing the bright star Procyon; Little Dog.
cantonment a military encampment or station, sometimes used as winter quarters. [1/2 definitions]
casaba a variety of winter muskmelon with a yellow rind and sweet, white flesh.
Chinese lantern plant a perennial plant grown for its orange, lantern-shaped, inflated seed casings; winter ground cherry.
ermine any of various weasels of northern regions that have white coats with black tail tips in the winter. [2 definitions]
Groundhog Day February 2, on which tradition asserts that a certain groundhog comes out of its hole, and that if it sees its shadow, six more weeks of winter weather will follow.
halcyon a mythical bird identified with the kingfisher and believed to have the power to calm the sea during the winter solstice. [1/4 definitions]
hammer a hand tool having a solid, heavy head set across a handle and used to pound, indent, or beat metal, nails, or the like into shape or place, or any similar device. [1/14 definitions]
hibernaculum a natural structure giving protection to a plant part during the winter. [1/2 definitions]
hibernal of or concerning winter; wintry.
hibernate to remain dormant over the winter in a den or burrow so as to conserve energy, as bears and other animals. [1/2 definitions]
hibernation a sleep-like state of diminished metabolic activity entered into during winter by bears and other animals so as to conserve energy. [1/3 definitions]