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Attic salt (often l.c.) sharp wit, skillfully phrased; Attic wit.
captivate to charm or fascinate, as by beauty or wit; enthrall.
epigram a short terse poem, distinguished by wit and irony. [1/2 definitions]
esprit liveliness of mind or spirit; wit and good cheer.
humorist one who generally displays a keen wit or sense of humor. [1/2 definitions]
lambent playful and brilliant, as wit. [1/3 definitions]
salt something that adds wit, liveliness, or zest. [1/10 definitions]
scilicet that is to say; to wit; namely.
show-off one who tries to impress others by a display of physical ability, wealth, knowledge, wit, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
spirituel having or exhibiting a refined nature and, esp., a quick graceful wit or mind.
stupid dull or slow in intellect, wit, awareness, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
trenchant incisive or penetrating, as perception or wit. [1/3 definitions]
videlicet (Latin) that is; namely; to wit (usu. abbreviated as viz.).
wag one who is humorous, droll, or mischievous; joker; wit. [1/6 definitions]
wit2 see to wit.
witless lacking or not using wit or intelligence; stupid; foolish.
witling someone who tries to appear witty, esp. one who has little wit.
witted having (a certain kind of) wit or intelligence (used in combination).