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harrier1 any of several related hawks that have narrow bodies and wings and prey on small animals and reptiles in open fields and marshes; marsh hawk. [1/2 definitions]
hatchet a small ax formerly used by some North American Indians; tomahawk. [1/2 definitions]
hawk1 to hunt in the manner of a hawk. [1/5 definitions]
merlin a pigeon hawk. [1/2 definitions]
northern harrier a medium-sized gray or brown hawk common in marshes in North America and Eurasia; marsh hawk.
osprey a large, fish-catching hawk with a dark back and white underside; fish hawk.
war hawk one who advocates war, esp. any member of the twelfth U.S. Congress who favored war; hawk.
yawp a loud, sharp cry; yelp or squawk. [1/2 definitions]