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abbreviation a shortened form of a word or phrase used in writing. [1/2 definitions]
ablative1 a word or phrase in the ablative case. [1/3 definitions]
abracadabra a nonsense word thought to produce a magical effect such as the warding off of disaster or disease. [1/2 definitions]
accent relative prominence of a syllable within a particular word; stress. [2/8 definitions]
acceptation the generally accepted meaning of a word, phrase, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
accusative the accusative case, or a word marked by this case. [1/3 definitions]
acronym a type of abbreviation used as a word, formed by combining the initial letters (or initial parts) of words that make up a particular string. The pronunciation of an acronym is based on the typical rules of pronouncing words in a language and is not made up of the sounds of the names of individual letters.
acrostic a sequence of written lines in which particular letters, usu. the first letter of every line, form an independent word or phrase. [1/2 definitions]
adj. abbreviation of "adjective," in grammar, a word that modifies a noun or noun equivalent.
adjective in grammar, a word that modifies a noun or noun equivalent. [1/2 definitions]
adv. abbreviation of "adverb," in grammar, a word that modifies a verb, adjective, or other adverb or adverbial phrase.
adverb in grammar, a word that modifies a verb, adjective, other adverb, adverbial phrase, or sentence.
adversative an adversative word or phrase, such as "but" or "on the contrary". [1/2 definitions]
affix in grammar, a word element that, when added to a word, modifies its meaning or function; prefix, infix, or suffix. [1/5 definitions]
ambiguity an ambiguous statement, word, expression, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
Americanism a word, phrase, or usage originating in, characteristic of, or peculiar to American English. [1/3 definitions]
ampersand a sign (&) that represents the word "and".
anagram a word or phrase formed by the transposition of letters of a different word or phrase.
anagrammatize to change (a word or phrase) into a new word or phrase by transposing the letters.
anaphora the repeating of a word or phrase at the beginnings of several successive sentences, paragraphs, or the like.
anastrophe reversal of the normal sentence structure or word order, as in the sentence "To the battlefield rode the commanders."