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agt. abbreviation of "agent," a person with authority to perform certain actions on behalf of another.
air bladder an air-filled sac in various animals and plants, esp. such a structure located near the spine of certain fish that functions to maintain buoyancy by regulating hydrostatic pressure. (See swim bladder.)
air sac an air-filled space or cavity in a living organism, esp. any of the ends of certain bronchial tubes in a bird's body that connect with the larger body cavity and assist in breathing.
alkali any of a category of base chemicals, made up of hydroxides of certain metals and of ammonium, which neutralize acids to form salts. [1/2 definitions]
allergic having abnormal or disabling sensitivity to certain agents such as drugs, food, or pollen, resulting in a hypersensitive reaction upon exposure. [1/3 definitions]
allergy a pathological state of extreme sensitivity to certain substances, causing respiratory difficulties, skin rashes, and other problems.
allow to provide or set aside (a certain amount). [1/5 definitions]
anaconda any of several large nonvenomous constrictor snakes, esp. a certain South American tree snake that can grow to over twenty feet in length.
anaerobe any of various microorganisms, such as certain bacteria, that are capable of living without air or oxygen.
analogical of, expressing, or based on a certain similarity between two items that are otherwise dissimilar.
angel in certain theologies, a spiritual being acting as a servant or messenger of God, usu. represented as a human figure with wings and a halo. [1/3 definitions]
ant any of certain ground-dwelling insects that live in colonies of complex organization.
any one or some of a certain thing, no matter which, how much, or how many. [1/7 definitions]
aphtha a small white spot or blister on the lips or in the mouth or intestines that is a symptom of certain viral or fungal infections.
apostolic succession a doctrine of certain Christian faiths that their bishops are the successors in an unbroken line to the apostles of Jesus Christ.
appellation contrôlée (sometimes caps.) a designation on the labels of certain French wines or liquors, certifying that the contents meet prescribed standards. [1/2 definitions]
apraxia a disorder that prevents certain complex muscular movements, caused by damage to the brain.
apterous having no wings or parts resembling wings, as certain insects.
arbovirus any of a number of viruses that are transmitted by certain blood-sucking arthropods such as mosquitoes and ticks and that may cause encephalitis, yellow fever, or dengue fever.
arista a bristlelike appendage on the spikelets of certain grains and grasses; awn. [2 definitions]
armor the protective covering of certain animals. [1/5 definitions]