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barony a baron's or baroness's rank, title, status, or dignity. [1/2 definitions]
before ahead of, as in rank or importance. [1/8 definitions]
below in a lower rank or position. [2/6 definitions]
best beyond all others in quality, rank, or the like. [1/11 definitions]
better (sometimes pl.) a person of superior rank, ability, intelligence, or breeding. [1/14 definitions]
biretta in the Roman Catholic and some Anglican churches, a stiff, square cap with three or four raised ridges, worn by clergymen and varying in color according to their rank.
black belt the highest rank among practitioners of martial arts such as judo or karate. [2/3 definitions]
brevet a promotion in military rank, usu. honorary, without an increase in salary or authority. [1/2 definitions]
brigadier a British military rank between colonel and major general. [1/2 definitions]
buck1 of the lowest grade or rank in a particular military category. [1/3 definitions]
bust2 (informal) to reduce in rank. [1/10 definitions]
c1 of the third rank or degree. [1/5 definitions]
cap1 a headdress indicating rank, occupation, or membership, such as a sailor's cap or a graduating student's mortarboard. [1/9 definitions]
captain a commissioned officer of the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marines holding the rank immediately below major. [3/8 definitions]
cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church, an official appointed by the pope and second in rank to him. [1/4 definitions]
cardinalate that which pertains to a Catholic cardinal, such as his rank, term of office, or dignity. [1/2 definitions]
chargé d'affaires a low-ranking official who is sent, instead of someone of higher rank, on a diplomatic mission. [1/2 definitions]
chevron an insignia or badge of rank having stripes arranged in a V or inverted V and worn by policemen, noncommissioned officers, and the like.
class a group or division based on quality or rank. [1/8 definitions]
classic of the first rank or class; excellent. [2/8 definitions]
cockade a rosette or knot of ribbon worn esp. on a hat as a badge of rank, office, or the like.