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binder any of various substances that hold loose substances together. [1/4 definitions]
bite to hold in or as in the teeth. [3/18 definitions]
boil1 to be immersed in boiling liquid or hold boiling liquid. [1/8 definitions]
bottle the amount such a container will hold. [1/4 definitions]
boxful the amount that a box can or does hold.
brace to support, hold steady, or strengthen with or as if with a brace. [1/10 definitions]
brazier2 a metal container designed to hold hot coals or charcoal, and used for heating a room. [1/2 definitions]
buck3 a structure used to hold wood for sawing; sawhorse. [1/2 definitions]
bud vase a tall thin vase used to hold a single flower such as a rosebud.
buffer1 in computer terminology, a portion of the hardware used to hold information temporarily. [1/6 definitions]
capful the amount that the cap of a bottle will hold.
carload the amount of anything that a car, esp. a railroad car, can or does hold. [1/2 definitions]
carry to hold or bear (oneself) in a certain manner. [1/16 definitions]
carton a box made of thick paper, sometimes coated, or of plastic, made to hold one particular type of product. [1/2 definitions]
cartridge clip a metal container or frame used to hold and load cartridges into an automatic rifle or pistol; clip.
catch to take hold of (someone or something falling or thrown). [3/18 definitions]
cellaret a cabinet or stand used to hold bottles of wine, liquor, or the like.
chain to hold captive; confine. [1/9 definitions]
cherish to hold in one's mind fondly or inveterately; harbor. [1/3 definitions]
chest of drawers a large piece of furniture that has several drawers and is usu. set in a bedroom to hold clothing; dresser.
chock to furnish or hold steady with a chock or chocks. [1/3 definitions]