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breathless breathing heavily following great exertion. [1/2 definitions]
Buddhist belonging to or following the religion of Buddhism. [1/2 definitions]
byname a surname or descriptive phrase following a name that identifies an individual but is not handed down to offspring. [1/2 definitions]
Christian belonging to or following this religion. [1/5 definitions]
coastwise along or following a coast.
consecutive following one after another without interruption; in unbroken order. [1/2 definitions]
consequent following as a consequence or result. [2/3 definitions]
contour of plowing, following the contour lines of the land, to reduce soil erosion. [1/7 definitions]
conversion in football, a one-point kick or a two-point play scored following a touchdown; extra point; point after touchdown. [1/6 definitions]
decretory of, pertaining to, or following a decree. [1/2 definitions]
deficiency judgment a judicial decision in favor of a creditor for that part of a debt not satisfied by the debtor, esp. following the foreclosure and sale of a mortgage property.
degeneration the state or condition following decline or decay. [1/4 definitions]
delta ray any particle emitted from matter following bombardment by ionizing radiation.
demagogue a leader, esp. a speaker or politician, who attempts to persuade and to gain a following by appealing to the emotions and prejudices of the public, rather than by rational argument. [1/2 definitions]
determination the conclusion that is reached following investigation and observation. [1/5 definitions]
determine to conclude or ascertain following investigation and observation. [1/6 definitions]
direct of consequences or results, immediately following or resulting from a cause. [1/14 definitions]
division sign a mathematical sign consisting of a small horizontal line with a dot above and below it, indicating that the numeral preceding it is to be divided by the numeral following it.
dollar sign a sign ($) denoting one or more dollars, or indicating that the numbers following are expressed as dollars.
Easter a yearly Christian festival that is held on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox, to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. [1/2 definitions]
Eastertide the season of or period following Easter.