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buffet1 a forceful blow, as with a club or fist. [2/4 definitions]
butt3 a push or blow with the head or horns. [1/3 definitions]
charley horse a painful cramp in a muscle caused by overexertion or by a blow.
chop1 to strike or strike at with a strong, swift, downward blow. [3/8 definitions]
clap a forceful, open-handed slap or blow. [1/11 definitions]
cleave2 to cut apart by a splitting blow. [1/6 definitions]
clip1 (informal) a quick, sharp blow. [1/11 definitions]
clout a powerful blow or stroke, esp. with the fist. [2/3 definitions]
clunk a heavy blow. [1/4 definitions]
concussion a violent shaking or heavy blow; shock. [2 definitions]
counter3 in boxing, to deliver a blow while receiving or blocking one from one's opponent. [2/8 definitions]
coup de grāce blow of mercy (French); a death blow or any finishing or decisive stroke or event.
coup de main blow from the hand (French); a surprise attack or sudden action against an enemy.
cutting penetrating, as by a blow with a sharp instrument. [1/5 definitions]
daze to stun, as by a blow or shock. [1/3 definitions]
deathblow a blow that causes death. [1/2 definitions]
dent1 a hollow or depression made in a surface by or as if by pressure or a blow. [1/3 definitions]
drop to bring down with a blow. [1/17 definitions]
drub a blow, as with a stick or club. [1/3 definitions]
duck2 to lower one's head or whole body quickly, as to hide or to avoid a blow or contact with a moving object. [2/7 definitions]
dynamite to blow up, blast holes in, or destroy by using dynamite. [1/3 definitions]