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copper a chemical element that has twenty-nine protons in each nucleus and occurs as a reddish brown, corrosion-resistant solid metal with excellent electrical conductivity, widely used for wiring and in pipes, and in alloys such as brass and bronze. (symbol: Cu). [1/7 definitions]
crape myrtle a tall Oriental shrub, related to loosestrife and widely cultivated in warmer zones as an ornamental for its stalks of crinkled pink, red, white, or purple flowers.
credibility gap the quality or condition of having one's truthfulness or sincerity be widely doubted; untrustworthiness. [1/2 definitions]
demo a recording of music or the like that is produced in order to display the style and ability of the performers in the hope that the music may be recorded professionally and widely distributed. [1/2 definitions]
diffuse widely or thinly distributed; well-dispersed. [1/9 definitions]
disperse to distribute widely; disseminate. [1/5 definitions]
disseminate to spread widely, as though scattering seed.
dissipate to waste by, or as though by, scattering or spreading widely; squander. [1/4 definitions]
dogma an established and widely held principle or opinion. [1/2 definitions]
E. coli a species of bacteria, present in the intestines of all vertebrates, that is widely used in biological research.
English walnut a variety of walnut tree or the edible nut it bears, that is widely used in cooking.
evangelist a person who works to gain converts to an evangelical church, esp. a minister who travels about or broadcasts his or her preaching widely. [1/3 definitions]
famed widely known or talked about; renowned; famous.
fan out to separate or spread out widely, or cause to become widely separated or spread out as in the shape of an open fan.
far-flung widely scattered or extensive. [1/2 definitions]
gadwall a widely distributed duck native to North America that has gray or brown plumage.
Gregorian chant the monophonic plainsong formerly widely used in Roman Catholic ritual.
hollyhock a widely cultivated plant that has tall showy stalks covered with flowers.
infrequent small in number or widely spaced. [1/3 definitions]
Irish potato the white potato, widely grown in Ireland.
iron a chemical element that has twenty-six protons in each nucleus and that occurs naturally in a variety of compounds such as minerals important in the earth's crust as well as the biologically essential cytochromes and hemoglobin, and that can be isolated in pure form as a silver-white dense malleable metal that rusts rapidly in air, can be easily magnetized, and is widely used in a variety of alloys. (symbol: Fe) [1/16 definitions]