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cordial a sweet, strong alcoholic liquor; liqueur. [1/4 definitions]
dipsomania an uncontrollable, usu. periodic craving for alcoholic drink.
distiller a person or business that makes distilled alcoholic liquors. [1/2 definitions]
distillery a factory or business establishment where alcoholic liquors are made by distillation.
drink to use alcoholic liquor, esp. to excess. [2/12 definitions]
drinker one who drinks alcoholic beverages excessively or habitually. [1/2 definitions]
drown to try to deaden (sorrow or grief) with alcoholic drink. [1/4 definitions]
drunk caused by alcoholic intoxication. [2/6 definitions]
drunken caused by alcoholic intoxication. [1/3 definitions]
Dutch courage (informal) courage as a result of drinking alcoholic beverages.
eye-opener an alcoholic drink taken early in the morning. [1/2 definitions]
firewater (informal) alcoholic beverages, esp. whiskey.
flip2 a mixed drink made with an alcoholic beverage, sugar, and beaten eggs.
gimlet an alcoholic beverage consisting of sweetened lime juice mixed with vodka or gin. [1/3 definitions]
gin1 an alcoholic liquor made from grain distilled with juniper berries. [1/2 definitions]
grog any alcoholic drink, esp. a mixture of rum with water.
guzzle to consume (alcoholic beverages or the like) greedily, often, or abundantly.
highball an alcoholic drink containing liquor and a mixer such as water, soda, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
high-proof of an alcoholic liquor, containing a relatively high percentage of alcohol.
home-brew any alcoholic beverage, esp. beer, that is prepared at home.
intoxicant that which intoxicates, esp. an alcoholic beverage. [1/2 definitions]