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cotter a split pin that is designed to be fitted through holes and then spread open to serve as a fastener; cotter pin. [1/2 definitions]
cox (informal) to act or serve as coxswain, esp. to a boat or its crew. [1/2 definitions]
decorate to serve as a decoration for. [1/5 definitions]
defend to serve as a lawyer in support of (someone). [1/4 definitions]
designate to choose (someone or something) to serve in a particular capacity or for a particular purpose. [1/5 definitions]
diaphragm any of various membranes that serve to separate two areas from each other. [1/5 definitions]
dipteran any of various insects, such as the fly or mosquito, having two functional wings and the vestiges of two other wings that serve as balancing organs. [1/2 definitions]
dish to serve (food) in a dish. [1/8 definitions]
do the honors to function as a host; serve.
dual-purpose serving or designed to serve two purposes; meant to have two functions.
embankment a mound or bank of earth or stone formed to support a roadway, serve as a protective barrier, or the like.
enlist to volunteer or sign up to serve, as in the military or in some cause. [1/2 definitions]
enlistment the time period for which a person is committed to serve in a military service. [1/2 definitions]
example a punishment, or a recipient of a punishment, meant to serve as a warning to others. [1/4 definitions]
excuse to serve as partial or complete justification for; extenuate. [1/11 definitions]
exemplify to serve as an example of; illustrate. [1/2 definitions]
eyelet a small hole or perforation with bound or covered edges, used to pass cord or thread through, fasten hooks into, or serve as decoration. [1/3 definitions]
fault in tennis, a serve that falls outside the service court on the opponent's side. [1/7 definitions]
filter to serve as a filter for. [1/7 definitions]
front to serve as or provide a front for. [2/13 definitions]
functional serving or able to serve an intended function. [1/3 definitions]