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de facto in reality, if not officially or legally. [1/3 definitions]
default failure to perform an action or fulfill an obligation that is legally or morally required, esp. the obligation of paying money that is owed. [2/14 definitions]
disability the condition or an instance of being legally disqualified or ruled to be incapable. [1/3 definitions]
disable to incapacitate or disqualify legally. [1/3 definitions]
divorcÚ a man whose marriage has been legally ended.
divorce to legally end a marriage with or between. [2/5 definitions]
divorcee a woman whose marriage has been legally ended.
endorse to sign as legally required, esp. in order to transfer funds or property, approve the terms or contents of a legal document, or acknowledge receipt of payment. [1/2 definitions]
fair game animals that can legally be hunted. [1/2 definitions]
fatherless having no legally responsible father. [1/2 definitions]
fiduciary a person who is legally entrusted with the assets or powers of another, to be used in the other's best interest; trustee; agent. [1/3 definitions]
foster giving or receiving parental care and nurture although not related biologically or legally. [1/4 definitions]
guardian a legally appointed individual responsible for the care, management, and protection of the person and property of a minor. [1/3 definitions]
heir apparent one whose right to inherit property or a title cannot be legally denied if the ancestor dies without having made a will. (See heir presumptive.)
heir presumptive one whose right to inherit property or a title may be legally set aside in favor of a closer relative born before the ancestor dies. (See heir apparent.)
hypothecate to pledge (property) to another as security for a loan or other debt, without legally transferring title or ownership.
incest sexual intercourse between people too closely related to legally marry.
incompetent not legally able or qualified. [2/4 definitions]
inherent legally belonging to something regardless of external circumstances or the passage of time. [1/2 definitions]
innocence freedom from having committed a legally wrong act. [1/5 definitions]
jail the state of being legally imprisoned. [1/3 definitions]