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diamond a geometric shape with four equal straight sides, two equal, opposed acute angles, and two equal, opposed obtuse angles. [1/7 definitions]
direct proceeding on a straight course. [1/14 definitions]
directly in a direct line or way; straight. [1/4 definitions]
dirk a dagger with a long straight blade. [1/2 definitions]
disabuse to free (a person) from misconception or deception; set straight.
duodenum the short, rather straight portion of the small intestine nearest to the stomach.
Dutch bob a haircut with bangs and a straight, even cut over the ears.
fastball in baseball, a high-speed pitch usu. thrown straight.
gemsbok a large antelope of southern Africa that has long straight horns and a tufted tail.
geodesic in architecture, of or denoting a structure such as a dome supported by short straight rods that form interlinking polygons. [1/3 definitions]
goat any of various agile four-legged animals that produce milk, having hollow horns with a backward curve, rough and usu. straight hair, and a short tail. [1/5 definitions]
goose step a marching step in which the legs are swung high and the knees kept stiff and straight.
Grecian profile a facial profile in which the forehead and nose form an almost straight, unbroken line.
helicoid a curved surface generated by a straight line moving around an axis so as to cut a fixed helix. [1/2 definitions]
homestretch the last, straight portion of a racetrack, leading to the finish line. [1/2 definitions]
indirect not in a straight line, course, or route. [1/3 definitions]
inertia in physics, the tendency of a motionless body to remain still or of a body in motion to continue at a constant velocity along a straight line unless subjected to some external force. [1/2 definitions]
isosceles of a two-dimensional figure with straight sides, having two equal sides.
jump ball in basketball, a method of putting the ball in play in which the referee tosses the ball straight up between two opposing players, who leap and try to tap the ball to a teammate.
justified having lines of text whose ends are aligned so as to form a straight edge and even margins. [1/2 definitions]
leap to spring into the air, moving straight up or to another position. [1/6 definitions]