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dispensatory a book that explains the composition and use of medicines; type of pharmacopoeia.
dithyramb any poem or composition having a similar irregular form and vehement character. [1/2 definitions]
divertimento a light instrumental chamber composition with several short movements, usu. written in the eighteenth century.
duo a musical composition for two performers, or the two performers themselves. [1/3 definitions]
earth science any of the sciences, such as geology, geography, or meteorology, dealing with the origin, structure, and composition of the earth and its changes.
elegy a sorrowful or mournful poem or musical composition, esp. a lament for the dead.
étude a musical composition featuring a particular technique, or intended mainly for practice in that technique.
extravaganza a light, variegated, and fanciful musical composition. [1/3 definitions]
facies in geology, the characteristics of a rock, such as appearance or composition, that distinguish it from others and indicate its origin.
fantasia a musical composition of free or irregular form chosen by the composer. [1/2 definitions]
farcical light and humorous in composition, as a performance. [1/2 definitions]
finale the last movement or conclusion of a musical composition. [1/2 definitions]
flourish an added passage in a musical composition that is intended to be impressive; fanfare. [1/10 definitions]
formula in chemistry, a set of symbols that represents the structure or composition of a substance. [1/6 definitions]
fugue a musical form or composition in which one or more themes are stated by one voice and are then restated and modified in counterpoint in strict order by several voices. [1/2 definitions]
geochemistry the scientific study of the chemical composition of Earth or other celestial bodies and how this chemical composition changes. [2 definitions]
geology the study of the physical structure, composition and development of the earth or other solid astronomical bodies, esp. with regard to rocks. [1/2 definitions]
humoresque a light or whimsical musical composition.
idyll a composition, often a poem, describing a simple, picturesque scene or episode such as a tale of the countryside. [2/4 definitions]
impromptu a short musical composition, esp. for the piano, that seems like an improvisation. [1/3 definitions]
inorganic lacking the qualities, structure, and composition of living organisms; inanimate. [1/3 definitions]