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done cooked enough and ready to eat. [1/4 definitions]
eatable (usu. pl.) something to eat; food. [1/2 definitions]
engorge to eat greedily. [1/3 definitions]
erode to slowly wear away, eat into, or destroy by the action of friction, or as if by friction. [1/3 definitions]
esculent fit to eat; edible. [1/2 definitions]
etch to cut or eat into (a hard material, such as a printer's plate, glass, stone, or the like), esp. with acid, usu. so as to produce an image, design, or lettering. [1/4 definitions]
fare to eat, on one occasion or regularly (usu. fol. by "on"). [1/5 definitions]
fast2 to cease to eat food. [3/4 definitions]
feast to eat heartily or partake of a sumptuous meal. [1/6 definitions]
feed to eat food; take nourishment. [1/13 definitions]
force-feed to force (one) to eat, learn, or accept something either against the will or at an uncomfortably fast pace.
fresh still good to eat or drink; not spoiled. [1/11 definitions]
gluttonous inclined to eat excessively; voracious.
gobble1 to eat in a hasty, greedy, and sometimes noisy manner (often fol. by "up"). [2/3 definitions]
good enjoyable to eat or drink. [1/24 definitions]
goody (informal; usu. pl.) something that is very pleasing, delightful, or desirable, esp. something sweet or delicious to eat. [1/2 definitions]
gorge to eat to great excess. [1/6 definitions]
gormandize to eat voraciously and excessively; gorge.
grass to eat grass; graze. [1/8 definitions]
grass-fed of or pertaining to cattle that eat a diet consisting primarily of grass, or to beef produced by such cattle.
hay to give (animals) hay to eat. [1/6 definitions]