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drown to try to deaden (sorrow or grief) with alcoholic drink. [1/4 definitions]
duckpin (pl. but used with a sing. verb) a bowling game in which players try to knock down duckpins with small, hard balls. [1/2 definitions]
emulate to try to be the same as or better than (another person), esp. by imitating.
essay to attempt; try. [1/4 definitions]
fast break a play, esp. in basketball, in which a team advances quickly down the playing area to try to score before the defense is prepared.
fend to try to provide for one's needs (usu. fol. by "for"). [1/3 definitions]
fish to catch or try to catch (a fish). [3/7 definitions]
grasp to try to seize or secure (often followed by "at"). [1/9 definitions]
have a whack at (informal) to attempt (a task or action); try.
hawk3 to try to clear phlegm from the throat, as by coughing.
hockey a sport played on ice, in which two teams of six skating players each try to drive a puck into each other's goal using angled hockey sticks; ice hockey. [1/2 definitions]
hustle (informal) to try to sell (something) by high-pressure methods. [1/10 definitions]
impugn to call into question; challenge or try to discredit.
Indian wrestling a wrestling contest in which two people clasp their hands as they stand facing each other, place the outsides of their corresponding feet together, and try to push or pull each other off balance. [1/3 definitions]
innovative tending to produce or try new and inventive ideas, methods, styles, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
jawbone (informal) to try to persuade by talk rather than by intimidation. [1/3 definitions]
joust a real or simulated fight in which two knights on horseback ride toward each other and try to unhorse each other with lances or other weapons. [1/4 definitions]
judge to try in a court of law; pass sentence on. [1/10 definitions]
jump ball in basketball, a method of putting the ball in play in which the referee tosses the ball straight up between two opposing players, who leap and try to tap the ball to a teammate.
lobby to try to influence the way legislators vote. [2/5 definitions]
make amends to try to satisfy someone for offensive or injurious behavior, as with an apology.