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electromagnetic wave a wave that contains a magnetic and electric component and that is created by an accelerating electric charge, such as a radio wave, x-ray, or light.
foraminifer any of several single-celled marine organisms that have chalky cells perforated by tiny pores through which thin pseudopods protrude, and that form the chief component of chalk.
fractionate to separate into ingredients, component parts, or the like, as by a chemical separation.
galactose a simple sugar that is a component of lactose.
germanium a tetravalent metal chemical element that has thirty-two protons in each nucleus and occurs naturally as a contaminant of coal, but can be purified for use in transistors and as a component of high-quality optical glass. (symbol: Ge)
glutamine a nonessential amino acid that is a component of proteins.
glyceride an ester of glycerol that is the main component of fatty tissue.
hydroxyapatite a calcium mineral that is an important component of bone and dental enamel in humans and other animals.
ingredient a component part or element. [1/2 definitions]
mainstay the principal support or component of something. [1/2 definitions]
multicomponent combined form of component.
nucleon a proton or neutron, esp. as a component of an atomic nucleus.
olein the liquid triglyceride of oleic acid, occurring in most fats and oils and as the major component of olive oil. [1/2 definitions]
part an important basic component or quality. [1/18 definitions]
pixel the smallest component of an image that can be transmitted or received in a video display system.
reactant a component that is changed in a chemical reaction.
rouge a reddish powder whose main component is iron oxide, used to polish metal and glass. [1/3 definitions]
serum globulin a protein component of blood serum chiefly containing antibodies.
silver bromide a yellowish compound that turns black on exposure to light and is the main component of photographic emulsions.
spectroscope an optical instrument that enables examination, measurement, or recording of a spectrum by rendering its component electromagnetic waves, as of light or radiation, distinct and visible.
subcomponent combined form of component.