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epitaph a brief writing in praise of one who has died. [1/2 definitions]
eulogize to speak or write high praise of; write or deliver a eulogy about.
eulogy a spoken or written tribute, esp. to honor a dead person; high praise; formal commendation.
extol to speak of with high praise or enthusiasm.
fan mail correspondence received by a prominent or famous person that contains expressions of praise or admiration.
flatter1 to attempt to gratify the vanity of; praise insincerely or excessively. [1/4 definitions]
flattery compliments given insincerely; excessive praise. [1/2 definitions]
glorify to give great praise, honor, or glory to, esp. in worship; exalt; extol. [1/3 definitions]
glorious having or meriting great praise, fame, honor, or glory; illustrious. [1/4 definitions]
glory great honor, distinction, praise, or renown. [2/8 definitions]
hallelujah an exclamation used to express praise, as of God, or joy or gratitude. [2 definitions]
highly with praise or appreciation. [1/3 definitions]
hosanna used as an exclamation of praise or adoration, esp. in religious contexts. [3/4 definitions]
hymn a song or poem of praise written esp. in exaltation of a deity, nation, or the like. [2/3 definitions]
kudos (used with a sing. or pl. verb) praise, honor, and appreciation for work done or status achieved.
laud to praise. [2/3 definitions]
laudable worthy of praise.
laudatory expressing praise.
laureate given especial honor or high praise, esp. by an official body. [1/3 definitions]
magna cum laude with high honors or great praise, indicating second highest status upon graduation from a college or university. (Cf. cum laude, summa cum laude.)
Magnificat a canticle of praise sung by the Virgin Mary in the Bible. [1/2 definitions]