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fermata in music, the holding of a tone or rest, at the discretion of the performer, longer than its value expresses. [2 definitions]
fine print the part of a document, such as a contract or policy, that is set apart from the rest by smaller type, or is deliberately written to obscure some possibly disadvantageous aspect.
float to rest, stay, or drift on the surface of a liquid or in the midst of a gas such as air without sinking. [1/14 definitions]
fold1 to mix in (a cooking ingredient) by gently and repeatedly scooping up part and turning it over the rest. [1/16 definitions]
footrest a support on which to rest one's foot or feet, usu. in a slightly raised position.
frosted given an appearance of frost, as by coating glass with a translucent substance or by coloring ends or strands of hair in a lighter color than the rest of one's hair. [1/4 definitions]
halter1 a woman's garment that covers the chest and fastens around the neck and back but leaves the rest of the upper body bare. [1/5 definitions]
hassock a low stool or firm cushion on which to kneel or rest one's feet. [1/2 definitions]
headrest a rest or support for the head, as on a chair or a seat in a motor vehicle.
hydrostatics (used with a sing. verb) the scientific study of liquids at rest, esp. with regard to pressure and equilibrium.
jackstraws (used with a sing. verb) a game in which straws or thin strips are tossed into a heap and each player picks up as many as possible without moving the rest.
kneel to rest on the knee or knees.
laptop computer a portable personal computer, light enough to rest on one's lap.
lie2 to rest or remain, as on or under a surface or in an inactive state. [1/8 definitions]
night and day without rest or interruption; unceasingly or seemingly unceasingly.
park an area of public land, as in a city, that is set aside for rest and relaxation. [1/7 definitions]
perch1 a place to sit or rest, esp. a high, rather small place. [3/6 definitions]
planchette a small platform, as on a Ouija board, on which the fingertips rest, their slight pressure causing the platform to move and spell out words with an attached pencil or by pointing to letters.
poise to be in position and at rest before use or change. [1/6 definitions]
pot1 to shoot (game birds that are at rest). [1/7 definitions]
prop1 to rest or lean (something) on a supporting object or surface. [1/4 definitions]