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foam frothy sweat on the skin of a horse or other animal, or frothy saliva at the mouth, esp. after vigorous exercise or as a symptom of rabies. [1/6 definitions]
full of beans (informal) vigorous or energetic; active. [1/2 definitions]
gusto vigorous or hearty enjoyment or appreciation.
hard energetic; vigorous. [1/11 definitions]
hearty vigorous and enthusiastic. [1/6 definitions]
Highland fling a vigorous folk dance of the Scottish Highlands.
hustle rapid, busy, or vigorous activity. [1/10 definitions]
lactic acid a yellowish or colorless organic acid produced from sucrose or lactose, as through the souring of milk or in the body as a result of vigorous exercise, and used in medicine and dyeing or as a flavoring or preservative in foods.
lively sharp and vigorous. [1/6 definitions]
lusty exceptionally healthy and vigorous; robust. [1/3 definitions]
pep talk a vigorous talk to an individual or group, such as an athletic team, to instill enthusiasm, increase determination, and the like.
prime the most vigorous stage or condition, as of human development. [1/17 definitions]
push a situation requiring vigorous action. [1/13 definitions]
quicken to become more lively, active, or vigorous. [1/4 definitions]
quiet free from disturbance, turmoil, or vigorous activity. [1/14 definitions]
rattling (informal) vigorous, brisk, or good. [1/3 definitions]
restore to make healthy, sound, or vigorous. [1/5 definitions]
rummage to make a quick, vigorous search. [2/5 definitions]
scrimmage a vigorous struggle; scuffle. [1/5 definitions]
slam-bang vigorous; exciting; thrilling. [1/6 definitions]
smacking brisk or vigorous; sharp; strong.