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glacis a gradual slope or incline.
glissade a controlled, skillful slide down a snowy or icy slope while on skis, a toboggan, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
gradient the amount by which an incline deviates from the horizontal; slope. [2/4 definitions]
hatchback a style of automobile in which the rear covering extends in a slope from the roof and can be opened upward to allow maximum access to the rear storage area.
herringbone other instances of this pattern, such as that produced by a certain method of climbing a slope on skis. [2/5 definitions]
hill a slope, esp. in a road. [1/4 definitions]
hip roof a roof whose sides and ends slope downward.
inclination a tilted surface; slope. [1/5 definitions]
incline a surface that is inclined; slope. [1/5 definitions]
iron in golf, one of nine metal-headed clubs having faces that slope back in varying degrees, used for shots of varying lofts or distances. [1/16 definitions]
italic (often pl.) a type style whose letters slope to the right. [1/4 definitions]
landslide the process or result of a fall or slide of earth or rock, esp. in great amounts, down a steep slope. [1/2 definitions]
low-pitched of a roof, having little slope. [1/3 definitions]
mansard a roof having four nearly vertical slopes topped by a nearly flat slope.
mudslide a flow of mud and debris down a gradual slope.
pitch1 to incline in a downward direction; slope. [2/22 definitions]
rake3 an inclination away from a vertical or horizontal line; slope; slant. [1/4 definitions]
shelve to slope gradually. [1/3 definitions]
shelving a slope or inclination. [1/3 definitions]
ski jump a snow-covered slope or track from which skiers can make jumps. [1/2 definitions]
ski lift a mechanism, usu. comprising a motor-driven cable with a series of attached chairs, used to carry skiers up a slope.